Bryan Scagline

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Bryan "SCAGS" Scagline
1990, based in Pittsburgh, playing kendama since 2011

Classic play while putting new skool style on traditional tricks. Make them swaggyyy

Got in to dama
I grew up with Zack Yourd and Colin Sander and was fortunate to be apart of the dama journey EARLY early on. I played causally in college along side working for Apple. Once I saw the 2011 premier pro models introduced - I was hooked. The mods, the vibe, the color, the video, the feel.. I hit up Zack and Colin literally immediately and knew I had to be apart of Kendama.

I've been working with KROM for several years as their Social Media Manager. I'm also present as a KROM rep at events around the world.

Favorite kendama / shape
Slaydawg da Gang